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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> frigid cold. the coldest temperatures this season. now a storm may be headed our way. >> i feel relieved that they made their arrest, but i am upset because of my son's
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friend. >> a break in a case of a d.c. woman. police say she was murdered. and the state of the union. the two main topics the president will take on. and how republicans and democrats are reaching across the aisle for the speech. and an update on gabrielle giffords. wooshy remain in ico longer than planned? abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute in other bitterly cold night with the wind chill in the teens. we are not alone. it is part of an arctic blast causing dangerous chills the out of our country, including michigan, with the thermometer 36 degrees below zero. freezing temperatures are also being seen throughout the northeast with some of the colston rogers we have seen in years. our meteorologist is live in the weather center with more.
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>> cold weather for the next days or so. our temperatures will moderate in just a little bit. temperatures outside in our weather center shows that many clear skies. this area of high pressure is across the mid atlantic. look at the temperatures. noticed the wind chill factor, not quite as cold. the wind is beginning to subside a little bit. that is what it feels like 12 degrees. in germantown, a temperature of 17. a cold start to the day tomorrow and the potential for wintry weather as soon as tuesday night into wednesday. we can expect rain, slow, sleet. all and more in our forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. developing news as police investigate a deadly shooting in the district. two men were found shot to death in a car on the danger avenue in washington. this happened around 7:00 p.m..
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police are now asking anyone with information about this case to give them a call. tonight, an important break in the case of an 18 year-old woman who disappeared nearly six months ago. it was a mercy -- missing murders case in now is a investigation. and our reporter has the very latest. >> we have been covering the disappearance of this woman said it happened in august. now police are saying they believe they caught her killer and there may be more arrests, to come. heartbreak and a family's worst fears confirmed. police say 80 year-old -- 18- year old latisha frazier is dead. she disappeared last summer.
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it was an abc 7 thyrse a report by sam ford about the family receiving threats on facebook that led to a tip cracking the case. >> the detective was able to learn some information friday that we fell was firmly establishing that she had been murdered. >> police arrested a 23-year-old who lives on this building -- lives in this building. it was back in august that they believe that frazier was a salted and eventually killed, murdered just feet -- was a salted and eventually killed, murdered just feet from where it -- assaulted and eventually killed, just murdered a few feet here. the grandmother of frazier's daughter says the murder suspect
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was a friend of her son, the baby's father. >> i used to feed him and everything. i do not understand why he would do something like that. he was close to our family. says police mother told her that they are looking for four more suspects. as for the mansion custody, he is expected to be in court tomorrow. we are live in washington tonight. abc 7 news. >> thanks for that. in other news, this is the 38 anniversary of the roe vs. wade decision. another process for both people on both sides of the issue made their voices heard. [singing] the protest was held outside of the reproductive health services clinic in germantown. it has been the site of several protests. they offered late term abortions
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and one person began working there last month. this is a rally in lafayette park. hundreds of people gathered to protest the court's 1973 decision to legalize abortion. a marching rally is planned for tomorrow. that will cause several street closure starting at 9:00 a.m.. here is what you need to know. near the verizon center on seventh street will be closed. for the street will also be shut down. parts of constitution avenue near the court will be temporarily blocked around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. the streets will be back open after the rally ends. there is growing anticipation about the president's second state of the union address. we are already learning the topic for the speech. our reporter is live on capitol hill tonight with a preview. >> not a lot of mystery. he will speak about the economy in particular creating jobs.
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>> i know we can out compete any other nation on earth. >> the president stresses that he will focus on economic issues, especially increasing jobs, while decreasing the debt. >> my number one focus is going to make sure that we are competitive, that we are growing, and that we are creating jobs. >> one person holds the president is serious when he says he will reform government. >> i am looking for to the president and his remarks. perhaps we really can go about cutting spending in washington. >> both sides of the aisle are revving up rhetoric. >> anytime they want to spend, the democrats call it investment. i am sure we will hear that a lot. >> the american people want and optimistic, future-oriented speech. this everything is wrong, no one can do everything right, that is not the way. >> they may focus on the shooting that targeted against
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gabrielle giffords. >> he said, would you like to sit with me during the state of the union, and the answer was yes. >> how long this political honeymoon will last remains uncertain. >> you will not see much of one side of the room standing up when they like what the president says and the other sitting on their hands. it has become somewhat of a date night. >> in order for this economy to work for everyone, the workforce needs to out-innovate, out- build, and out-educate other countries. abc 7 news. >> thanks. you can watch the speech live here on abc 7. it begins at 9:00 p.m. this tuesday. now for the latest on gabrielle giffords road to recovery. a slight setback for the congress woman. doctors announced it may be
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longer to transfer her to the hospital that will oversee her rehabilitation. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be staying in the icy lower-than-expected. doctors blame fluid buildup in her brain. she will be moved down the street to this rehabilitation center. despite the slight setback, doctors say she is getting better every day. >> she came in tonight in the i see you, and she was alert, awake, calm. >> she had her second day of react today. doctors were doing physical and speech therapy. date still are not sure what if any disability she will have. they will spend the next few months looking at how well she thinks and communicates, whether she can brush her teeth and comb her hair, and how much she can see. questions that can only be entered in time. meanwhile, and tributes continue to pour in for her recovery. >> it makes me sad to see the
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outpouring of love and hope for the people that were killed or injured is great. >> complete details will not be given to running the congress woman. but they are making sure that she is safe. >> the broader aspect of what we do. >> a data breaking developments against the man accused of shooting giffords is due in court tomorrow. the lawyer is expected to ask that all future hearings be held outside of tucson, arizona. one of the colleagues was killed in a mass shooting. the appearance will go on as planned. and one man is going to announce the he is running in virginia to
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try to reclaim act one -- he lost to jim webcast -- back -- reclaim a seat he lost to jim webb back in 2006. a major announcement, the family secret that over plans to share tomorrow. and a new development of a woman accused of kidnapping a baby and raising it as her own. police say she is in custody tonight. tonight, how she was found. and deadly shooting at a
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>> police are investigating a deadly gunfight outside of a walmart store in washington state. it happened in port orchard, west of seattle. several people were killed and some deputies were injured. the deputies shot back at a man who ran an open fire. a deputy was killed along with a
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woman. it is unclear if she knew the gunman. in north carolina woman is expected of adept -- adopting a baby at a hospital in praising her as her own daughter. she is in custody and is facing federal kidnapping charges. here is the story. >> she turned herself in the fbi in bridgeport, conn. sunday morning. she is being held on a warrant for a violation. >> she could be brought back to north carolina very quickly. >> officials want to talk to her about the abduction of a baby in 1997. the child is now 23-years old. she grew up in maine. she says she always felt detached from the family. she said she was suspicious of the woman, because she cannot find her birth certificate. she went on line and was
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reunited with her biological family. she will be in a court monday. abc 7 news. >> rising gas prices. prices are above the $3 mark for the fourth straight week. unleaded gasoline is $3.12. prices are nearly 40 cents higher than they were a year ago. the national average is $3.11. oprah winfrey says she will announce a huge family secret of her talk show tomorrow. she says the union involved people involved in an issue she just recently learned about. she would not say who the guests would be, but she called the union a miracle. you can watch it tomorrow at 4:00 right here on abc 7. i wonder what it is. and the anticipation. >> we are looking at one of the coldest weeks out of the year.
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tonight, temperatures are in the single digits. and get ready, bundle up for tomorrow morning. it is going to be cold. the winds will not be blowing like it has the last few mornings. things will be cold tonight. clear skies across the area. 21 degrees at the airport this hour. winds are tapped -- to the northwest at 9 miles per hour. the temperature in western maryland, one degree. radio said there were 18 degrees after a high of 26 degrees. it feels like 20, because the winds have started to settle down.
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reagan national airport just at the freezing mark. our temperatures are holding in the teens. it will go to the single digits across shenandoah hour across the overnight hours. 14 degrees in gaithersburg. cold air to the north of us. look at the temperatures warming up. this is milder air coming our way for the day on tuesday. daytime high temperatures in the lower to mid 40's. high-pressure selling overnight across the area. we will have a warm-up during the day tomorrow, but a coastal storm on the way tuesday night into wednesday. it appears enough warm air could mix in where we could be looking at some of freezing rain, some snow, the heavier snow out to the rest of us.
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we will get a better feel over the next 24 hours as the computer models come together. mainly a rainy get across the area. 12 degrees for an overnight low. then tomorrow, sunshine, 25-30 degrees. temperatures about where they should be on tuesday. a 60% chance of something, but to the best forecast at this point shows more of a rain event for the area as opposed to snow. >> that is good news for commuters. >> we will keep you updated. >> thanks. up next, a man makes a record by making records. up next, a man makes a record by making records.
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>> one man never walks away from a challenge. in fact, he owns them. he balanced the longest pole on his own in in turkey. he set 350 world records and currently holds 125 that are officially recognized by the guinness book of world records. one record he holds is the person who holds the most world records. he does a lot of this just for fun. he has a lot of time on his hands. >> all tickets punched for the super bowl. a game was a thriller tonight. we will recap all of
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>> here rico, ladies and gentlemen. it will be between the packers and the pittsburgh steelers at the super bowl. let us show you of how the steelers got there. rashard finished off with a touchdown here. 10-0 in the second quarter.
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pitt -- ben roethlisberger catches it and runs it. 17-0. just before the half, sanchez tries to warm up his feet. then it is russian for 19 yards. to the second half,24-3. sanchez looking long. he finds a former stealer, a beautiful catch, and a touchdown. they stopped the jets at the goal line. ben roethlisberger comes. 24-12, pittsburgh. a player pulls in as for yard pass. take a minute left. the jets need to make a stop. look at this call. ben roethlisberger finds some town, first down in a ball game.
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they beat the new york jets, 24- 19. >> it means a lot as a team and personally. it just feels good. it is a good feeling. >> our resolve is that we are going to be what right back here. i'd like to play in our stadium. if we do not, we will travel on the road and find a way to win it. >> now very similar game to this champion game. 7-0 packers. the bears looking to get back in the game. cutler looking deep. the packers take over and run out the clock in the half. jay cutler leaves the game with a knee injury. a former skin's came in.
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a pass intercepted. 18 yards for a packers touchdown. and a connection with a girl bennett. that is a touchdown. -- earl bennett. that is a touchdown. and then another interception. the packers are headed to the super bowl with a 21-14 win over the bears. here is eron rogers. >> obviously, we wanted to play better today. week one of offense to put us in a good position for the game. we wanted to put more than 14 points on the board, obviously. we have time to relax and get our bodies back and hopefully get a win. >> and the lady terps have a good matchup.
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they won. tiger woods starts his new season of golf next week sen -- weekend. he will not be the no. 1 golfer in the world. he has fallen out of that spot for the first time in five years. lee westwood is the no. 1 golfer in the world. lee westwood is the no. 1 golfer in the world.
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>> are you ready for a cold day tomorrow? single digits to lower teens in the morning, a warming up to only around 30 degrees or so. tuesday, 43 for a high. in a coastal storm will start to change it. enough warm air in the atmosphere will make us look at
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a rain event more than a significant snow event. sunshine by friday. >> good to hear about that sunshine. thanks for being with us. have a great morning. thanks for being with us. have a great morning.
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